SUUNTO Equipment Test Weekend at Scubadive West

 Suunto Test Weekend 21st & 22nd May 2016


For our 2016 Test Event, we are delighted to have the guys from SUUNTO Diving UK visiting again with their full line up of wrist mounted dive computers, dive lights and dive wings available for you to try out on a test dives. With all the popular models available, from the great value ZOOP to the High Spec. Hel O2. It is a great opportunity to test dive the whole SUUNTO range and choose the one that suits you. Many people buy their own unit at these weekends.

SUUNTO Eon Steel

SUUNTO Eon Steel

The Suunto Eon Steel is very popular, with its stunningly bright colourful display, built in compass and air integration.

Suunto HEL O2

Fantastic diving at The Bills Rocks, testing out the SUUNTO Vyper Air. A very nice computer with air integration, gas switching and a tidy digital compass built in

Fantastic diving at The Bills Rocks, testing out the SUUNTO Vyper Air. A very nice computer with air integration, gas switching and a tidy digital compass built in too!

Also the very popular  Suunto DX and D6I watch computers. will be available to try out.
Most notably though will be the new kids on the block! – namely the all new SUUNTO ZOOP Novo and SUUNTO VYPER Novo with their back lit dot matrix displays

Make diving simple with the NEW Suunto Zoop Novo



Whether you’re just starting out on your diving journey or looking to explore new underwater adventures, Suunto Zoop Novo has everything you need. With your easy to understand key dive data available at a glance on the big, super-bright backlit display, all you need to do is suit up, dive down, and enjoy the view. This simple to use dive computer includes full decompression capabilities, five dive modes (Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Free and Off) and straight-forward, menu-based Suunto user interface. Available in three colour choices, Blue, Lime Green or Black. Price €299.


New SUUNTO Vyper Novo

SUUNTO Vyper Novo

SUUNTO Vyper Novo

€539. It has the new dot matrix, backlit display, gas switching for up to 3 gasses and is compatible with the SUUNTO air integrated transmitter.





Finn Sub FLY 13D Rescue

Finn Sub FLY 13D Rescue

The Finn Sub FLY 13D is ideal for diving with a single cylinder. During our demo event you will be able to  test dive these units with anything from a 7 Litre 300 bar cylinder through to 15 litre dual outlet cylinder, they are very comfortable and versatile!

FLY 25D. For Twin 18 Litre cylinders!

FLY 25D. For Twin 18 Litre cylinders!


For the more advanced divers we have everything up to the fly 25D. Ideal for the twin cylinder technical diver with deep intentions. We will have some set up with twin cylinders for you to try.


Finn Light 3000

Finn Light 3000 Short


The full range of Finn Lights will be available to test dive, from the 750 Short to the 3000 Long. These dive lights are beautifully made, easy to use and deliver excellent quality light.


Exploring with the Finn Light 3000 long

Exploring with the Finn Light 3000 long


We will have great offers available all weekend and spot prizes too!


We are Irish agents for all of the SUUNTO, FINNSUB AND FINNFLY products and carry a good range in stock.
Contact us now if you would like further information  and to book your place at the SUUNTO Equipment Test Weekend, 21st & 22nd May 2016.
Call  +353 (0)95 43922
or email

Photo Rally 2016 … and the winners are ….

Our Photo Rally 2016 was a great success, with excellent visibility, super weather and most importantly great fun! Underwater photographers competed in 3 categories, namely Macro, Wide angle and Compact Camera. This was strictly an amatuer competition with the emphasis on fun and improving skills. Competitors snapped images of the stunning flora and fauna on boat dives and shore dives here at Scubadive West in Connemara.


Macro Photography Category.

1st Prize.

Sea Grass Critter by Ronan Murray

Sea Grass Critter by Ronan Murray

Well done Ronan for capturing this stunning image of a Stalked jellyfish  (Stauromedusae) on a blade of eel grass. Photo taken while shore diving on our eel grass beds, (a treasure trove of miniature species!) Ronan rotated the photograph for dramatic effect. We think it looks like fireworks going off!


Ronan Murray accepting his prize from Breffni Gray, director of Scubadive West

Ronan Murray accepting his prize voucher from Breffni Gray, director of Scubadive West

Ronan wins the €150 Voucher for O’Three equipment at Scubadive West.


Macro Photography Category.

2nd Prize.

08Macro Category 2nd Place, Nudi Julia T by Ray Yeates

Macro Category 2nd Place, Nudi Julia T by Ray Yeates

Ray took this great photo of a Nudibranch while diving on the Julia T wreck with us on Saturday. He competed on Friday and Saturday, but had to Jet away to work for Sunday, so his prize will be winging it’s way to him this week.

Ray diving

Ray preparing to dive the Julia T

Well done Ray, winning the delicious prize of Dinner for Two at the new White Strand Restaurant (at Maol Reidh Hotel )…and… B&B for two at the luxurious Maol Reidh Hotel! Thanks to Robbie and Aoife,- White Strand Restaurant, and thanks to Jack and Monica – Maol Reidh Hotel for these fantastic prizes! The perfect apres dive experience!

(Remember every one else you can self gift anytime)

Macro Photography Category.

3rd Prize.

07Macro Category 3rd Place, Unnamed by Nicky Jackson

Unnamed by Nicky Jackson

Congratulations to Nicky on catching this extreme close up of a Ballan Wrasse.

Nicky J

Nicky J

Nicky wins the super accurate SUUNTO SK8 wrist compass complete with bunji mount. Thanks to SUUNTO Diving UK for this great prize.





Wide Angle Photography Category.

1st Prize.


Peekaboo by-Sarah-Tallon.

Congratulations to Sarah Tallon on this well lit and well composed photograph of an edible crab looking out from under a large ‘Boring Sponge’. The contrast between the yellow sponge and the background gives great depth of field.

Sarah wins a set of toasty warm O’Three PPB+ thermals at Scubadive West. Perfect for those long exposures!





Wide Angle Photography Category.

2nd Prize.


05Wide Angle Category 2nd Place, Bird Rock by Dan Mc Auley

Bird Rock by Dan Mc Auley

Well done Dan McAuley! A great shot of one of the large overhangs at Bird Rock – a favourite dive site for photographers. A Sea Urchin in the foreground and a diver well framed in the background. Dan wins Dinner for two at Paddy Coyne’s Bar and Restaurant, Tully Cross.



Wide Angle Photography Category.

3rd Prize

04Wide Angle Category 3rd Place, Kelp Life Doonee by Sarah Tallon

Kelp Life – Doonee Beacon, by Sarah Tallon

Well done Sarah on capturing this beautiful gully at Doonee Beacon.  Sarah wins the €50 Voucher for MUVI equipment at Scubadive West, thanks to Tony at Extreme Xperts for sponsoring this prize.


Compact Camera Category


03Compact Category Winner, Unnamed by Mariusz Tyburski

Compact Category Winner, Unnamed by Mariusz Tyburski

Congratulations Mariusz Tyburski on snapping a shot of this Parchment Worm – before it retracted into is tube.

Mariusz wins the super bright Orca Torch D510 Dive light at Scubadive West, thanks to Tony at Extreme Xperts for sponsoring this prize.

D510 Dive Light

D510 Dive Light from Extreme Xperts.



Compact Camera Category

2nd Prize

02Compact Category 2nd Place, Vertigo Blue by Lisa Moran

Compact Category 2nd Place, Vertigo Blue by Lisa Moran


Well done Lisa Moran on capturing the clear water and colourful kelp reef  — while freediving- !

Lisa competed in snorkelling equipment, sans scuba, and snapped some great shots.

Lisa wins Dinner for two at Baywatch Guesthouse, Tully Cross.



Compact Camera Category

3rd Prize.

You Little Urchin!

You Little Urchin!

Well done to Mark Flahery our youngest competitor (at just 12 years old!) – on snapping this colourful Sea Urchin. while shore diving here on Saturday. Mark wins the SUUNTO Rucksack full of goodies. He will be too cool for school with this branded rucksack, hoodie buff and lots of other treats inside!



Mark completed his PADI Junior Advanced Course with us back in December 2015

Thank you all for competing!

We had super diving conditions for the Photo Rally and the great weather continues, with High Pressure, Blue Skies and air temperatures of 17 Degrees Celcuis – not bad for April.

If you missed the Photo Rally this time, don’t despair we have diving here all Summer long!

Book now

Our next event is the SUUNTO Equipment Test Weekend, 21st & 22nd May 2016

Call 095 43922 or email to book in.







Photo competition exposes new talent

Every year we see new talent emerging at our Photo Rally. The 3 day event is designed to encourage amateur underwater photographers to compete in up to three categories, namely Wide Angle, Macro and Compact Camera category.

Photo by Sarah Tallon, taken at the Bills Rocks.

Wide angle Photo by Sarah Tallon, taken at the Bills Rocks.

The most stunning Wide angle photographs often include a well lit, well focussed wall or marine life in the foreground and a diver in the background. Shooting photographs slightly upwards will help to keep the background bright.

Jewel Anemones on the Julia T

Macro Photo. Jewel Anemones on the Julia T, by Maja Stankovski

Macro photographs are close up and clear, with one marine animal or a small cluster of plants or animals as the center of focus.


Compact Camera / Action Camera Category

Right time, right plaice

Right time, right plaice

The Compact Camera category is for divers with a simple compact camera in a housing, or a GoPro, MUVI, GITUP or similar action camera.

The coolest looking fish on the reef.

John Dory, The coolest looking fish on the reef.

Composition is important so take a Macro type photo or a Wide angle type photo. In very shallow water with good visibility no additional light is necessary, so shoot away! Hermit crabs, scallop, pipe fish, little cuttle, plaice and dogfish all make willing subjects.


Davit by Kieran Tolan

Davit by Kieran Tolan

For deeper water, use a strobe or video light to illuminate the foreground of a Wide angle photo. Also you can adjust the White balance – most compact cameras and the GITUP action camera have this function. A colour filter can be placed over the lens of basic action cameras to get great results.

Blenny by Eoghan Leahy

Blenny by Eoghan Leahy

Using the camera’s internal flash can cause ‘backscatter’ – illumination of particles in the water, spoiling the photo. A strobe is an excellent option to use with a compact camera, as illuminating the subject from the side or above prevents backscatter and gives a nice clear image.

Action cameras don’t usually have an internal flash or the ability to fire a strobe. So how do you illuminate your subject with natural white light? Well a normal dive torch is designed to throw a narrow beam of light as far as possible, so they will create a ‘hotspot’, or very bright area at the centre of your photo, hence they are not ideal for underwater photography. A video light, however, throws a wide beam of even light with no hotspot. Video lights work very well with action cameras that don’t have a flash or the ability to fire a strobe. Modern, inexpensive video lights are available now and have 3 output settings, so you can shoot on low, medium or high output. For the best results – take a shot on each of the three settings and see what works!


For further information and to Register, visit our dedicated Competitions Website at

For further information on action cameras, scroll down for more blog articles, or visit our website at

For further information on Video lights, scroll down for more blog articles, or visit our website at


Happy snapping!



Photo Rally 2016

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Scubadive West Photo Rally

Photo by Pawel Burzynski, 3rd October 2015 at Scubadive West.

Photo by Pawel Burzynski, 3rd October 2015 at Scubadive West.


Scubadive West Photo Rally, Friday 15th to Sunday 17th April 2016

How to Enter

The competition is free to enter. All entries are via our dedicated Competitions website, go to

for more details and to Register. It is going to be a great fun diving weekend!

Only photos taken during the Photo Rally at Scubadive West may be submitted.

The winners will be announced at our Prize Giving Ceremony on Sunday 17th April at 4pm.

We have a very special package available for registered participants; Three days of Unlimited Shore Diving, Air Fills and one Boat Dive during the Photo Rally for just €45. Additional boat dives at just €35.

Also available 4 boat dives with 3 air fills for just €130, for the ardent boat divers!

Please note that this is an amateur photo competition. Anyone who currently sells or has in the past sold their photos is not eligible to enter.
Enforcement of this condition is strictly at the discretion of the competition organisers.

This Year’s Prizes

Ireland Underwater, Wide Angle Category Prizes

1st prize: Set of O’Three PPB+ Thermals
2nd prize: Dinner B&B at Maol Reidh Hotel
3rd Prize: €50 Voucher for MUVI Camera equipment.

Ireland Underwater, Macro Category Prizes

1st prize: O’Three Gift Voucher for €150 in a cool O’Three Drybag
2nd prize: Dinner for Two at Paddy Coynes Bar & Restaurant.
3rd Prize: Suunto SK8 compass, complete with Bunji Mount.

Ireland Underwater, Compact Camera Category Prizes

1st prize: Orcatorch D510 Dive Light
2nd prize: Dinner for 2 at Baywatch Guest House.
3rd Prize: SUUNTO Rucksack full of goodies.

Prizes may vary due to stock available from suppliers.

There will be a FREE RAFFLE for all registered participants with spot prizes and great offers available all weekend!

Scubadive West thanks all of our generous sponsors for their contribution to this competition.

Scubadive West’s 2016 Photography Competition will culminate in a prize-giving ceremony at 4pm in Scubadive West. followed by an informal gathering in the quaint village of Tully Cross.


The new White Strand Restaurant at Maol Reidh Hotel is offering a special rate of €25 for a delicious 3 course dinner over the weekend. Call the hotel 095 43844 for room rates and special packages.

Also the popular Baywatch B&B in Tully Cross, call Tony 086 240 9470

The accommodation providers will have special offers available, book now. The Quaker Village of Letterfrack is nearby, with a choice of bars and restaurants and a range of accommodation available. Letterfrack Lodge provides Luxury accommodation at budget prices, call 095 41222095 41222

Local accommodation listings available on our website too.

Check out the images from our previous Photo Rallys! here

Dive Ireland 2016

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SDW el hierro

Yet again the winning combo of Scubadive West and ‘Shane Gray- Diving and Walking Holidays’ team up to bring you the Raffle of the year! We have three prizes on offer this time, so read on!

We will be attending Dive Ireland 2016 and our preparations are well underway. It is all happening in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone. Visit the Scubadive West Stand, C9 Clonmacnoise Suite, to get all of the latest news, book your dive trips and drop your equipment off for servicing. While you’re there enter our fabulous FREE Raffle to win great prizes!

First Prize is an El Hierro Dive Holiday for Two with Shane Gray Diving & Walking Holidays! This Diving Holiday for two divers, to the magical Island of El Hierro includes all transfers, ferry crossings, diving and self catering accommodation included, ex flights to Tenerife. (value €650 per diver), so a total prize worth €1,300!.

Second Prize is a Diving Weekend for Two with Scubadive West, including a boat diving package of 4 dives and 3 airfills (value €130 each), AND two nights B&B in the luxurious Maol Reidh Hotel with one evening meal (value €105 each) .. for TWO divers, so a total prize worth €470!.

Third Prize is the fabulous ‘Jewellery Box’ book of stunning images by renowned Photographer Daragh Muldowney. Daragh will be on the Scubadive West Stand at Dive Ireland to discuss ‘Jewellery Box’, ‘Into Thin Air’ the challenges of trying to get back to Greenland! and his ongoing diving project along the West Coast of Ireland. Daragh will also be giving three talks at the Dive Ireland Show, so make sure you plan your weekend to catch these!

Shane Gray El Hierro Diving Holidays read more>>

Diving with Scubadive West read more>> .

Daragh Muldowney Phptography read more>>

Spring in El Hierro. We return to the magical little Island of El Hierro next month, for some spectacular diving in the most chilled out location you could imagine! We have departures con 5th March and 4th April. Contact Shane Gray for full information and booking.

Spring in Connemara is at last upon us! We have been getting out for some great boat dives over the last couple of weekends. See the images on our facebook page and blog. Our ever popular Island Dive Safaris, Adventure Day Trips and local Boat Dives are booking now. Some more dates for your diary include our Photo Rally 15th to 17th April and our SUUNTO Test Weekend, 21st & 22nd May,. Book now as places are filling up!

Why not get away for a great Boat Diving weekend with Scubadive West, four boat dives and three air fills €130. Treat yourself to luxury accommodation and delicious food at Maol Reidh Hotel, two nights B&B and one dinner for €105. Go on, treat yourself!

+353(0)95 43922




Diving in Spring!

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Sunny and calm, with cool water! 8 degrees Celcius.


Heading out

After a wild and windy Winter with only occasional diving – at last Spring has arrived and so have the divers! What a great weekend of boat diving and shore diving, with all present enjoying calm seas and good visibility – considering that the most recent storms had only just passed. We dived 4 great sites : Rusheen point, Doonee Beacon, the Julia T and Thany Beg.

Hermit Crab, by Ronan Fahy

Hermit Crab, by Ronan Fahy



Sea Hare, by Maja Stankovski

Sea Hare, by Maja Stankovski






Many of the divers also enjoyed our safe, sheltered shore dive – with eel grass beds, a kelpy rocky reef, a shipwreck and a dive tower complete with a resident Lumpsucker!

Lumpsucker, by Ronan Fahy

Lumpsucker, by Ronan Fahy

It is great to see the growing interest in underwater photography and videography, due largely to the new technology in compact action cameras and high quality inexpensive video lights!

We are looking forward to our Photo Rally 15th to 17th April 2016.

Call or email for further information.




PADI Open Water Touch

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PADI have launched a suite of e-Learning courses. They replace the paper manuals and DVD’s. A very interactive way to learn – and good for the environment too!
Here is one of our favourites, the PADI Open Water Touch

Sign up today for Open Water Touch  and choose Scubadive West as your Dive Centre!

For the person whose time is valuable, finish most of the knowledge development at home with the state of the art Open Water Diver TouchTM app for your tablet or phone. Complete the diving course with us over two weekends at our purpose built Dive Centre!

Scubadive West Gift Vouchers

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas from Scubadive West

Camera Tray

Camera Tray

Camera Tray

Camera Tray complete with adjustable arms and torch mounts. €99

At last a lightweight camera tray! ideal for your MUVI camera, your GoPro or any compact camera.

Camera tray complete with two adjustable arms and two torch mounts, €99. In stock and available from Scubadive West.


D500V Video Light

D500V Video light

D500V Video light


D500V Video light

So you’ve got your action camera, maybe it’s a super MUVI camera with waterproof housing rated to 100 metres, maybe it’s another brand, now you want to get high quality footage deeper than 5 metres and the ambient light is not enough.

Introducing the D500V, a compact but powerful 700 lumens video light with 3 output settings, easily managed by push button.

Available in stock at Scubadive West €105.

The ideal stocking filler!

Call 095 43922095 43922 or email us to order yours now.


Mount your D500V Video Light and you can capture all the natural colours underwater!

Ready to dive!

Ready to dive!

See the Videos here!





Scubadive West Branded Clothing

New Design Dryblend Fleece.

New Design Dryblend Fleece.


Premium quality mens and ladies ‘Dryblend’ fleece hoodies available in a range of sizes and colours.

Ladies and Mens Hoodies available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

Colour options, Red, Pale Grey and Black.

Hoodies €45   Special offer €40.

Call us now at 095 43922095 43922 or email to place buy.

Size chart.


MUVI K2NPNG Action Camera

Lots of extras included, all in a protective case.

Lots of extras included, all in a protective case.

The K2NPNG camera records in full HD 1080p @60FPS, with up to 3 hours of recording time. It comes complete with it’s own waterproof case, rated to 100m depth!


The K2NPNG camera records in full HD 1080p @60FPS, with up to 3 hours of recording time. It comes complete with it’s own waterproof case, rated to 100m depth! plus lots of accesories, all in a robust carry case.

MUVI waterproof case

Read more>>

All in price €310

Call us at 095 43922095 43922 or email for further information and to book a test dive!

Prices valid in 2015.



Discover Snorkelling Gift Vouchers €30 ea.

Clear water

A great fun experience!



Discover Scuba Diving Gift Vouchers from €89

Pristine environment

Pristine environment


Give the gift of a life changing experience.

Discover Scuba Diving Vouchers available for half-day €89, or full day €140.

Participants may redeem their vouchers anytime within 12 months of issue.

See more Gift Ideas in our Gift Shop

Scubadive West Gift Vouchers are available for any amount and activity!

Boat diving, Shore Diving, Adventure Day Trips, Island Dive Safaris….

Dive Trips on the Wild Atlantic Way, all available as Gift Vouchers!



Ideal stocking fillers!

Call 095 43922095 43922 or email us  to order yours now.

Diving with the MUVI Action Camera

We have captured great video footage on our Discover Scubadiving programmes, thanks to the MUVI Cameras that we sell here at Scubadive West. Our partners Extreme Xperts have set us up with all of their great products and some demo units too!




The K2NPNG camera records in full HD 1080p @60FPS, with up to 3 hours of recording time. It comes complete with it’s own waterproof case, rated to 100m depth!

MUVI waterproof case

MUVI waterproof case

The camera is compact and can easily fit in a pocket, or hang from your BCD on a lanyard if you just want to use it casually. (For serious footage at depth, we have great options for adding video lights!) We find it easy to use even with diving gloves on – thanks to the large buttons. The small LCD display on the top of the camera is very informative as it clearly displays whether you are in video or still photo mode, it clearly shows when you are recording, and even has a battery status icons. We love the large, full colour LCD screen on the back of the camera, as you can clearly see what you are recording so you don’t miss any of the action. This screen is detachable, making the camera very versatile for different activities.

Lots of extras included, all in a protective case.

Lots of extras included, all in a protective case.




All in price €325  €320

Call us at 095 43922 or email for further information and to book a test dive!

Prices valid in 2016.

It’s night diving season!

The days are getting shorter, but don’t despair! we can go night diving early in the evening.

It is time to think about a good torch! Also daytime diving in the winter demands a good dive light for diving and après dive!

D550 torch

D550 torch

Introducing the D550, a compact powerful torch, ideal for Irish diving conditions by day and night.

Cree XM-L2(U2) LED.

Magnetic controlled tail switch.

2 brightness levels, one strobe mode.

Max output 720 lumens.

Depth rated to 150 metres.

Comes complete with rechargeable battery, charger, plug adapter, wrist lanyard, hand mount, spare o-rings and secure carry case.

Fully loaded

Price €105.


In stock at Scubadive West.

Call 095 43922 or email to order.

Prices valid in 2015.