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Paradise on The Wild Atlantic Way

Glassillaun Beach

Glassillaun Beach

A remote, golden sandy strip arcs around jade clear water to form Glassillaun Beach. The skyline to the North East is dominated by majestic Mweelrea Mountain, the highest peak in Connaught… taunting us to climb it! The views to the North, West and South West are washed by the Wild Atlantic Ocean and dotted with a myriad of islands steeped in ancient legend and folklore. They call out to be discovered on foot, or circumnavigated by kayak. The adventurous traveller will discover why this region has the best Scuba Diving in Europe. The water temperature on the West coast is moderated by the warming Gulf Stream, causing this nutrient rich water to support a profusion of marine life. Glasssillaun Beach is a ’Blueway’ with Scubadive West on its doorstep, offering Scubadiving and Snorkelling programs to suit all abilities.  Glassillaun Beach is an essential stopping off point on the Wild Atlantic Way!

Learn to dive today on our PADI Open Water Diver Course!


PADI Launch Open Water Touch

PADI Open Water Touch

PADI Open Water Touch

Open Water Touch Launch

PADI® Releases
Open Water Diver Touch™

Industry leader introduces world’s most popular open water training system on tablets to connect more consumers with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts.

Continuing to lead the way in diver education and attract more divers to PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, the PADI organization has launched the next evolution in the PADI Open Water Diver experience: the revolutionary PADI Open Water Diver Touch. An industry first, the Touch fuses state-of-the-art technology with proven PADI instructional design to deliver the excitement and experience of learning to scuba dive to consumers’ iOS and Android* tablets.

The Touch is a tablet-based version of the PADI Open Water Diver program – the world’s most popular scuba diving certification course. It integrates the PADI Open Water Diver manual curriculum, learning objectives and video clips into a rich, interactive learning environment. Since the Touch is a tablet-based application, no internet connectivity is required to view course content, although users must be online to complete Knowledge Reviews. So, student divers can conveniently access the knowledge development portion of the course at any time from any location. This increased accessibility makes the PADI Open Water Diver Touch extremely appealing to the ever-growing market of tablet users.

“As consumer behaviors change, the dive industry must change to meet their expectations,” says Drew Richardson, CEO and President of PADI Worldwide. “Globally, tablet sales accounted for 48 percent of all PC sales last year. And, the worldwide tablet market is forecasted to grow 47 percent in 2014. Mobile devices have had the most rapid acceptance of any technology in history and people expect to do everything — including learn to dive — with them. The new PADI Open Water Diver Touch lets PADI Members give consumers what they want, and in the process, get them into their local PADI Dive Center or Resort.”

To further grow the industry and drive even more consumers through PADI Members’ doors, the PADI organization has also launched the new PADI Digital Library app, currently available for Apple iPad at the iTunes App Store. Consumers downloading this free app receive complimentary access to the PADI Open Water Diver Touch Introduction, which includes a call-to-action encouraging them to contact their PADI Dive Centre or Resort to enroll in a course. The PADI Digital Library app will soon be available from the Google Play Store for Android devices as well. Consumers can purchase the complete PADI Open Water Diver Touch from PADI Members.

Want to learn more about the PADI Open Water Diver Touch? Contact your PADI Regional Manager or Sales Consultant. If you’re not a PADI Member and would like to learn about all of the innovative PADI products and membership benefits, contact your PADI Regional Headquarters and join the leaders in scuba diver education today.

PADI – The Way the World Learns to Dive®

*iOS version available now. Android version to follow.



Phone 095 43922


Discover Snorkelling

Clear water

Clear water


Discover Snorkelling with us in our private sheltered cove. We have beautiful clear water with a sandy sea bed and fascinating reefs that are teeming with life! Our experienced PADI Instructors will guide you through the basic skills to get you started and be with you the whole time. We have the best wetsuits, they are toasty warm! .. we have hot showers, male and female changing rooms, dive shop and coffee dock.

You may see our photo on other websites and advertisements but it is actually taken at Scubadive West as we have the best snorkelling here!


Discover Snorkelling on The Wild Atlantic Way!


New 10 Tips for Divers Benefit the Ocean

project aware cover photo



Posted on March 11, 2014 by Domino Albert on PADI Pro’s Blog.

10 Tips for Divers Divers pledge to harness the power of scuba for conservation
Project AWARE recently launched its modernized 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet – a code of conduct for scuba divers to safely interact and protect underwater environments at the same time. The eco ethic aims to harness the power of scuba to influence environmental change – one dive at a time.

10 Tips for Divers is an ethic to live by. Just as climbers and campers have a code, so do millions of certified divers around the world. Also incorporated into PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) training courses and materials, Project AWARE’s 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet will reach millions, from professional to recreational level scuba divers.

“Small conscientious acts for conservation, multiplied by many like-minded people, can add up to something big,” said Alex Earl, Executive Director for Project AWARE. “The ocean faces ever-increasing threats today. Project AWARE’s 10 Tips focuses on top ocean issues globally where divers can specifically make a difference. Thanks to corporate partnership with PADI, Project AWARE is able to extend our nonprofit reach to educate and engage divers globally and advance our critical mission for ocean protection.”

Scuba divers everywhere can boost their eco by taking this ocean ethic to heart and take the pledge to follow 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet every time they dive and travel.
1.Be a Buoyancy Expert
2.Be a Role Model
3.Take Only Photos – Leave Only Bubbles
4.Protect Underwater Life
5.Become a Debris Activist
6.Make Responsible Seafood Choices
7.Take Action
8.Be an Eco-tourist
9.Shrink Your Carbon Footprint
10.Give Back

Discover and share the full version of 10 Tips for Divers with recommendations for divers and ocean advocates of all levels at projectaware.org/10Tips. Check out all the resources in the 10 Tips Action Kit.


Emergency First Response

Emergency First Responder Course

Emergency First Responder Course



PADI Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) teaches you how to deal with emergencies that are immediately life-threatening. You will focus on primary care through a combination of knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice to make sure you have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to use your skills.

The PADI Emergency First Response certification (or equivalent qualification) is required to start the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Emergency First Response €145
Primary Care Skills

Here are the Primary Care (CPR) skills:
• Scene Assessment
• Barrier Use
• Primary Assessment
• Rescue Breathing
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Serious bleeding management
• Shock management
• Spinal injury management
You may also participate in an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training component, learn how to help a conscious choking adult and have an emergency oxygen use orientation.

Secondary Care Skills

Secondary Care (first aid) covers injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening or when local EMS is unavailable or delayed. You focus on secondary assessment and first aid through knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice.

The Secondary Care (first aid) skills are:
• Injury Assessment
• Illness Assessment
• Bandaging
• Splinting for Dislocations and Fractures

2014 EFR Schedule

Saturday 1st February

Saturday 8th March

Thursday 26th June

Saturday 1st November

Combine your EFR and PADI Rescue Diver Course for a special offer price! Combined price for both courses €474 -SAVE €100.

Please note that Scubadive West reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course based on weather and bookings.

How do I Book?

Simply give us a call with your deposit details (€45) and we will post out your Crewpack.

Emergency Care for Children


The Emergency First Response Care for Children course is an innovative CPR, first aid and AED training course that teaches people how to provide emergency care for injured or ill children (ages one to eight) and infants less than one year old. You’ll learn about medical emergencies that children face and how they differ from adult conditions. The curriculum also includes the importance of attending to basic emergency situations withchildren, the emotional aspects of caring for children, secondary care for children, and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children.

To sign up for any of these programmes just send us a €45 deposit to receive your course manual in advance.

PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Course:

Two Day Course, contact us for further information and dates.

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course provides you with the additional training necessary to teach the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid), and Care for Children courses. This course builds on your skills as primary and secondary care provider and focuses on developing your instructional abilities. Through independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments, you learn to conduct Emergency First Response courses.

The instructor course covers specific goals and performance requirements for each of the above-mentioned programs, along with instruction on how to structure learning, the requirements of performance-based training, and your own role in the learning environment. You also learn how to motivate students, how to evaluate student knowledge, how to present course content effectively, become proficient in developing students’ hands-on skills, and are taught how to present an effective scenario-based learning experience*.

The Emergency First Response Instructor program is open to all who have completed the Emergency First Response Primary, Secondary and Care for Children Care Participant Courses within the past 24 months, and to medical professionals such as physicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Registered Nurses.

Bookings and Deposits, Simply give us a call to book 095 43922

Book now… info@scubadivewest.com


New Friendly Ryanair discovers El Hierro!





A feature from Ryanair’s In flight magazine.




El Sabinar

El Sabinar



The wild, windswept juniper grove on La Dehesa plateau is a remarkable sight.  Sculpted by centuries of vicious northeasterly winds, the juniper (in Spanish, sabina) trees have been twisted by gales, sending vertical growth spiralling out of control.

A long time ago, before Columbus found America in 1492, El Hierro – the smallest and least developed of the Canary Islands – was considered to be the western edge of the known world. Even now, despite being just a short boat or plane ride away from the thumping resorts of Tenerife, the sense of remoteness is palpable. There are almost no tourists, just a few bars and restaurants, and non-Spanish languages are barely spoken. Instead, there’s a dramatic, untouched landscape, a true Canarian culture and that rare sense of genuine tranquility that can’t be faked. Not bad for the end of the earth. Words and pictures by Aaron Millar


Charco Azul

Charco Azul


What it lacks in good swimming beaches, El Hierro makes up for in natural sea pools, sheltered by volcanic rock, which are perfect for a dip. The best is El Charco Azul, near La Frontera. floating here in warm turquoise water, surrounded by cold crashing waves, is like swimming in the eye of a storm.





Designed by renowned Canarian architect César Manrique, restaurante Mirador de La Peña, perched 600m above the bay of El Golfo, employs a dazzling blend of the modern and the traditional wood and lava stone style of the Bimbache (El Hierro’s original inhabitants). It’s the island’s best restaurant by far – don’t miss the quesadillas, a local sweet made with cheese. Restaurante Mirador de La Peña (+34 922 550 300)



Laurisilva Forests

Laurisilva Forests


With the entire island having been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2000, you’d expect diversity – and El Hierro delivers. It’s almost a world in miniature, with cliffs of black pumice lava and moonlike volcanic highlands, wide pastures, rich plantations of fig, pine and almond trees, and the eerily enchanting laurisilva (laurel) forests of the higher areas. These relics of the Tertiary Era are bursting with neon-green moss, webs of dripping lichen and tangled tree limbs clambering for light.


Hiking Camino

Hiking Camino



Every four years El Hierro is gripped by a remarkable fiesta – The Bajada de la Virgen. Accompanied by traditional music, costume and dancing, the islanders make a pilgrimage to transport a statue of the Virgin Mary 18 miles, from La Dehesa to the capital, Valverde, across the mountainous interior. mirroring this spectacular journey via the network of hiking trails is a great way to see the island. Try atlantidea.net for tours.



Under The Sea

Under The Sea


El Hierro may be relatively unknown to tourists, but divers have been raving about its high-visibility waters for years. Off the small fishing village of La Restinga, on the island’s southernmost tip, is a marine reserve where advanced practitioners can explore deep underwater caves and walls covered with coral and swarming with fish. There’re also Manta Rays and the occasional Hammerhead Shark. island-divers.com



Malpaso Peak

Malpaso Peak


From the 1,500m summit of Malpaso, the island’s highest peak, it’s possible to see the coastline of Tenerife, about 120km away. But the best view is below your feet, 1,000m down, to the El Golfo valley, a natural amphitheatre filled with whitewashed villages, vineyards and pineapple plantations. Drive to Cruz de los Reyes and it’s only a 15-minute climb to the view.



Garoe Tree

Garoe Tree

Symbol of El Hierro, the Garoé tree represents the Bimbache people’s ingenious solution to drought. Clouds leave tiny drops of water on the Garoé, and the Bimbache were able to survive by digging holes in the soil beneath the dripping trees and simply waiting for
them to fill.



Next Departure for El Hierro is 24th March.

 for further information and to book email info@scubadivewest.com

Call +353  (0)95 43922








Proteus wetsuit from Fourth Element


The PROTEUS wetsuit just got a lot better…

Superior comfort, 3mm 5mm or 7mm




The Evolution of a Classic Dive Suit

Over the last five years Fourth Element have developed the Proteus suit to improve fit, thermal performance and ease of donning in response to feedback from divers.
The suit is the preferred suit of TV presenters including Discovery Channel’s Steve Backshall. It also appeared last week on the National Geographic Channel program “Hitler’s Secret Attack” featuring NOAA’s Deep Wreck Team.
The suit has received rave reviews from all diving magazines for its outstanding warmth, and through design innovations like the Hydro-lock neck seal system and the plasma seals, the Proteus suit continues to define the upper end of wetsuit performance.

Proteus 3mm
Ideal for use in warmer waters, this lightweight neoprene diving wetsuit offers surprising thermal protection and comfort and is rated as the warmest diving wetsuit in its class by Sport Diver Magazine.

Proteus 5mm
Ideal for use in temperate to warm waters, this versatile dive wetsuit incorporates superstretch neoprene on the arms and legs where mobility is required, and thermocore compression resistant neoprene on the body core panels. The 5mm Proteus offers outstanding thermal protection and comfort with excellent ease of movement.

Proteus 7mm
Ideal for use in temperate to cooler waters, this extreme performance wetsuit can extend your season to encompass winter diving.r your stock today on +353 (0)95 43922  or send an email to info@scubadivewest.com



Calm at last!

Improving conditions.

Improving conditions this week.


Welcome to another year of diving! Although it has been a slow start, the storms have at last abated and been replaced with a steady stream of diving enquiries.

We had a great Spring, Summer and Autumn last year with superb diving conditions throughout 2013, I guess we are all looking forward to more of the same this year!
Our ever popular Island Dive Safaris, Adventure Day trips, local boat diving, Equipment test weekend, and Photo Rally are already generating interest.


Preparing for a two day dive trip.

Preparing for a two day dive trip, summer 2013.





Clear water, abundant marine life

This Spring we return to the magical little Island of El Hierro for a week of spectacular diving.


Please check our Calendar facebook page and blog for the latest activities, events and special offers….

and do book in with us by phone 09543922 or email info@scubadivewest.com as soon as possible to grab those places!


Checking out my watch!



Warm Water Diving in Magical El Hierro!

Clear water, abundant marine life

Clear water, abundant marine life



If you are looking for some beautiful Hillwalking or Scubadiving (or both!) on a great value for money week away in March, you have just found it. El Hierro is the most westerly of the Canary Islands, and quite different from its busy neighbours.




Meet the Moray

Meet the Moray






An abundance of colour

An abundance of colour




With just a small population and very few tourists, it is a magical Island just waiting to be explored above and below water. The spectacular scuba diving and rugged coastline of sheer volcanic cliffs soaring up to misty plateaus at heights of 5000 ft.  will leave you wondering if you have you travelled back in time!

1000 year old Juniper trees, El Hierro

1000 year old Juniper trees, El Hierro






Your guide, Shane Gray

Your guide, Shane Gray



Your host, driver and ‘local’ guide to El Hierro is Shane Gray. He has brought over 130 groups of Irish hillwalkers and Scuba Divers to El Hierro over the last 14 years. Next trip departs on 24th March. Eur 625 including all transfers, self catering accommodation and diving, and just Eur 425 for Hill walkers / non divers. Contact  www.shane-gray.com or Scubadive West 095 43922 for further information and bookings.





• New evening fast direct ferries means we can now offer same-day transfers from Dublin (Ryanair) and Cork (Aer Lingus) to El Hierro on Monday 24th March 2014.
• Depart on the early morning flight; have a swim / siesta / lunch in Tenerife; catch the evening ferry and have vino and vittals in “El Bar” at destination
• Escape the storms and kick start the dive season in the warm waters of magic little El Hierro.
• Free use of transport; free guided hill walking; free Happy Hours; glorious weather; great diving, dining and wining!
• Mick O´Leary is a fan! Great 6 page write-up of “The Island At The end Of The World” in the current (friendly) Ryanair in-flight magazine!!
Departure:  Monday 24th March from Dublin (or Cork) to Tenerife. Same day transfer to El Hierro by fast ferry.

As the change to Spring schedule occurs during our trip we will take advantage of it and enjoy 8 days for the price of 7!


Return:  Tuesday 1st April from Tenerife to Dublin (or Cork)

Book now via  www.shane-gray.com or Scubadive West 095 43922    info@scubadivewest.com