One Awesome Night Dive

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Our visiting divers continue to benefit from awesome weather and even better diving. Yes, the water is a chilly 7oC but it is certainly worth wrapping up, and experiencing some of the best early season diving on record. This weekend, the dive centre played host to crowds of enthusiastic divers, from all corners of the country. Most undertook three dives on Saturday, including our ‘Night Boat Dive’. The boat departed the dive centre just after half six on Saturday, heading for the Julia T.  Twelve chatty divers, two excited crew members, and a supply of energy-giving Skittles ensured a memorable journey outwards. Darkness fell shortly after seven o’clock; soon after our first two buddy pairs entered the water.  Divers entered the water at intervals to avoid overcrowding on the wreck, and on the ascent/descent line. The final two divers entered the water just before eight o’clock.  The dive was truly spectacular, and had a sense of magic about it. Below is an email we just received from Kieran Brady, one of Saturday night’s divers:

“I have to say that was one of the best dives I have ever done! The Julia T was full of mystery on Saturday night… the view from afar of the beams of light and suspended divers gently hovering around the silent, still boat is one that will live in the memory for a long long time….
Well done to all of you for a truly fantastic dive.”

Nicely said!

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