Discover Tec Diving

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Cillian Gray, Scubadive West’s PADI Tec Instructor, will run Discover Tec on Sunday 11th July, starting @ 10am. This half day experience will provide interested divers with the opportunity to experience Tec Diving before commiting to a full course. The experience will start with a briefing, and introduce divers to the fundamentals of tec diving and the opportunities for further training. This complete, Cillian will explain tec equipment configuration and principles of tec diving. Upon entering the water, participants will have the chance to become familiar with the gear, learn some valuable positioning skills, before proceeding to an openwater dive to a maximum depth of 10 metres. All the dives will take place in our private, seawater training cove.

Cillian Gray, PADI Tec Instructor with two Tec students

All the tec equipment will be provided; including a twin set , stage bottle, regulators; and backplate, wing and harness. Divers will need their own drysuit/wetsuit, mask, fins etc…Cost per diver is €80. Prior booking is required. Call us on 095 43922 or email: [email protected]

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