Contingency Measures

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Windswept, wave weary and weather bound…all words to describe Saturday of last weekend’s Island Dive Safari. Unfortunately, strong winds and big swell really limited the dive sites available on Saturday. The only solution on Saturday evening was convening to Inis Turk island’s only pub, and debating Sunday’s possibilities. A unanimous decision was made to retreat to the shelter of Killary Fjord, and visit our old reliables; Inis Barna and Rusheen Point. Despite unfavourable conditions out to sea, these two sites really turned up trumps. A huge variety of marine life and good visibility ensured smiles all round for our contingency plan. The new ‘Brazen Hussy’ catamaran really shone in the stormy conditions, as its size and stability ensured a smooth ride even in the rough seas. Breffni  even met our ‘Safari’ divers at Inis Barna to pass them sardines; as a rare treat for the congers!

The 'Marlin' coming alongside the 'Brazen Hussy'

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