Deep, Deep Down…

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The weekend past saw four intrepid, depth seekers attend our Combined Deep & Nitrox Specialty. Each student ‘enrolled with intent’, determined on gaining these two popular specialties in one weekend. PADI’s Deep Diver Specialty qualifies divers to the limits of recreational scubadiving; i.e 40 metres. We like to combine both these specialties into one, providing a really practical example of an effective use for Nitrox; i.e for repetitive dives in a day; and also permitting a reduced package price.  So how did the course go? Well, we made the most of nice diving conditions and got our four deep dives on some of our most popular dive sites; Thany Beag, Julia T, Inis Barna & Llechog Prahan. Congratulations to Stephen O’Brien, Aaron Doyle, Jeff Moran and Jo Sheppard.

Jo at Thany Beag

 Well done Stephen, Jo, Aaron & Jeff

A natural progression for many divers looking to dive deep are PADI’s Tec Rec courses. Scubadive  West is delighted to be running these courses, with Discover Tec and Tec 40 available for newcomers to the discipline of techincal diving. Indeed, our next Tec 40 course takes place this coming weekend, 27th, 28th & 29th August. Places remain so contact us immediately to book.

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