Advanced Excitement.

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Six eager students enjoyed perfect diving conditions last weekend while completing their Advanced Open Water Course. With visibility at more than 10mts in the cove their buoyancy was honed on the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive on Friday afternoon. Navigation was helped greatly by the excellent visibility too, so perfect squares all round during the Underwater Navigation dive on Saturday morning! While most opted for the Drysuit dive on Sat afternoon and experienced the comfort of diving dry, Sebastian and Sharon opted for the Digital Underwater Photo dive and got some terrific photos on their first dive with our cameras.

Beadlet Anemone by Sharon Hennessy

Cillian, photo taken by Sebastian Jurek

   Sunday’s dives were the Deep Dive to 30 metres and the Wreck Dive, with over 20 metres visibility on Thany Beag and the Julia T.

Divers and Ling on the Deep Dive, photo by Cillian Gray

Divers at stern of Julia T, photo by Cillian Gray

Divers at the stern of the Julia T, photo by Cillian Gray


 Well done Sebastian Jurek, Nelson Madura, Sharon Hennessy, Lisa Woods, Roy McMahon and Geraldine O’Toole! Next month’s Advanced Open Water Course sees a return to our winter format. The course will be run over just two days with the option of a night dive on the Saturday evening. Also available for winter, the special  ‘Drysuit and Advanced Course’ package.

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