Tec 40

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Our third Tec 40 course took place last weekend with Rory Mc Quillan and Simon Thornton earning their first Tec qualification.
After some initial shore dives, the deep dives were completed on Sat afternoon and Sunday morning.  Conditions were excellent with over 10mts viz on both dives. Thany Beag was teeming with marine life on Saturday and, despite the strong spring tides on Sunday morning, we reached 40mts at Inis Barna completing 10mins of deco on 50% Nitrox in the shallows.
Spaces remain on our last Tec 40 of 2010 course taking place on 26th, 27th, 28th November.
If you have already completed the Tec 40, or equivalent, you  can move onto the Tec 45. This course will expand your skills to include using twin cylinders, 2 stage bottles, accelerated deco and extended range no stop dives. We will run our next Tec 45 on Saturday & Sunday January 29th & 30th 2011.

Rory, Simon and Cillian

40m Dive at Inis Barna

On the stage Deco Stops

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