Celebrating 20 years!

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Our first press release, 1992


Join us celebrating 20 years of Scubadive West! 1992 – 2012. Great diving offers all year, enjoy the photos from the last 20 years.. and from the many decades of diving that came before! Our parents Shane and Olli Gray started diving in the 1960’s and established Dalkey Scubadivers in 1976! Needless to say they shared their enthusiasm for the sea with us from an early age!


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Ronan Gray


Ronan Gray demonstrating his seal like ability to hold his breath for longer than most adults! Age 5, circa 1971. An enviable skill that helped him be a champ spearfisherman by age 16!


Breffni Gray and Shane Gray


Pool training started at an early age!


Shane, Olli and Tiernan Gray


Early 1980’s with trainee Tiernan.


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