Dolphins, Super Computers and calm seas

Calm seas with East wind, and our resident pod of dolphins are in the bay. We were too busy enjoying the spectacle to get any video footage last Saturday, but here is some we filmed before!


Hel O2, Vyper Air and Zoop computers



Fancy a dive with a super computer?

Maybe you would like to try out the innovative Hel O2 with gas switching for up to eight different mixes ‘on the fly’ while you are diving,  ….or the versatile  Vyper Air ……..or maybe the best selling and great value for money Zoop .

We are now ‘armed’  with a good stock of all three models in our rental fleet.

If you are interested in buying a SUUNTO computer from us, why not have a free trial of one of our demo models first?




Preparing to dive the Julia T


Diving conditions were good, with 6 metres to 10 metres visibility, lots of plankton and algae blooms in the shallows, clearer at depth and the water is starting to warm up now, 11 degrees Celcius recorded every day.


TEC Sidemount Training

The weekend past saw another first, Tec Instructor Firas Jundi conducted a TEC 40 sidemount course here over Saturday, Sunday and Monday with a combination of shore diving and boat diving. This option is set to be very popular as so many divers would like to get TEC certified but do not necessarily want to carry a set of twin cylinders on their back!

Hanging out


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