Inishshark Adventure

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Landing at Inishshark


Our Adventure Day trip to Inishshark on Saturday was a great success, with all present marveling at the super visibility underwater, the sheer walls and overhangs and the broad spectrum of colours of jewel anemones, sponges and dead mans fingers.

Large ballan wrasse lounged on the steep terraces while  shoals of large pollack shimmered past. The dive sites  were the beautiful remote reefs of Spotted Rock and Mweelandhu.

Abundant marine life


We spent a leisurely lunchtime exploring the early Christian church and dwellings on Inishshark, with local archaeologist and keen diver Michael Gibbons.


The Grand Tour of Deserted village, Crop fields and early Christian sites


Also of huge interest to us was the deserted village.  Michael explained that the island went from having a busy community,  farming the surprisingly good land, and fishing the rich seas, to a sharp decline in the population from the the 1800’s.

The last 23 inhabitants of this former isolated fishing and farming community were evacuated in October 1960. The islanders had been unable to leave for months in winter and the government opted to resettle them on the mainland rather than build an expensive pier on the island.

Further info


Our next Adventure Day trips are Friday 24th August and Saturday 22nd September.

We have boat diving and shore diving every day by prior booking and the water temperature is 14 Degrees C!


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