Hello Sunshine, goodbye plankton bloom.

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The past 7 days have brought summer weather and fantastic visibility. 

A strong South Easterly wind for one day was all it took to push the planton bloom Karenia mikimotoi out to sea and disperse it, add some calm weather and sunny days and the divers arrived in shoals! Lots of happy faces as many young and old experienced Scubadiving and snorkelling for the first time…. it’s already been the best August for years.  

Boat dives shore dives, night dives and a Dive Safari to Inisturk, Clare island and the stunning Bills Rocks, it was an action packed weekend, and this weekend looks to be similar.



Plankton Bloom visible form space

 The West coast of Ireland offers some of the best temperate Ocean diving conditions in the world. This is due to the clean, clear Atlantic Ocean washing our shores, high in nutrients food in the form of plankton.

“Blooms of phytoplankton are important events in the sea and occur mainly during the summer months,” said Marine Institute scientist Joe Silke. “Phytoplankton are freely drifting, microscopic plants that convert sunlight and chemicals into plant material, just as plants do on land. They form the base of the marine food chain and are important contributors of atmospheric oxygen and essential components of a healthy oceanic biodiversity.”  

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