Skydive / Drift dive

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Apres Dive, absorbing the Autumn sunshine and beautiful scenery with a Hot drink at the end of the day.

Eight adventurous drift divers were whisked along yesterday on our ever popular Streamstown Drift Dive!

Streamstown current clearly visible on a mooring buoy

Felix Baumgartner was completing his record skydive at the same time, and while he may have been travelling a bit faster than us, all present agreed the Drift Dive was so exciting we all had to go back and do a second one!


All aboard the Marlin for a high speed dash back to the entry point.

After a thrilling first dive it was back aboard the Marlin while fully kitted via our ”shallow water-hop-slide-sit technique” (patend pending) and off again to the maelstrom at the mouth of Streamstown Bay.

The Ocean was as crisp and clear as the Autumn day, with visibility of 6 to 10 metres and water temperature of 12 ° C.


Our next Drift Dive is on Friday 16th November. Our next Adventure Day Trip is on Saturday 3rd November.

Call 09543922 for further information, or email us at [email protected]


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