Egg hunt, ….the answers!

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Our egg hunt/ egg idfentification quiz published here on 29th March had plenty of people scratching their heads!

How did you do?


1. Whelk eggs.  The marine gastropod Dog Whelk is a large sea snail and a common sighting here, but their egg clusters are only found in early Spring. You may also find clusters of the empty shell cases washed up on the shore at this time of year.

2. Mermaids Purse. This translucent, plastic like purse encaplulates a Lesser sportted Dogfish. Also visible at this time of year, usually attached to kelp stalks.

3. Nudibranch egg Rosette.  The Nidibranch Polycera quadrilineata visible in this beautiful photo by Maja Stankowski alongside some of their distinctive white egg ribbons.

4. Nudibranch eggs circles. Photo taken at the shore here, lots of these small circles on the eel grass.

5. Skate egg case.

6. A’basket’ of  Squid eggs. Each of the tubes is called a candle.

7. Octopus eggs clusters.



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