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We explored a great variety of dive sites over the weekend,  with many divers taking all four boat dives with 3 air fills for the package price of just €130!

Divers exploring the Julia T

Divers exploring the Julia T

Dive log.

Saturday 10am dive: Bird Rock. Rocky Wall dive, max depth 25 metres, lots of fish life, Cuckoo Wrasse, Ballan Wrasse, Rock cook and plenty of crabs sighted.

Saturday 2pm dive: Julia T. Intact Shipwreck sitting upright in 27 metres, great visibility, lots of colour  ..”like a garden”.. as one diver said, upon surfacing!

Sunday 10am dive Friar Island. Spectacular 35 metre deep wall dive, …..”excellent visibility with walls covered in life”… ” best dive this year”…

Sunday 2pm dive Streamstown Drift Dive. ….”wow”…”great fun”  …”exhilerating!”


'The Malthoa' , Friar Island.

‘The Malthoa’,  Friar Island.

Driving through the spectacular Malthoa gap at Friar Island after a lovely 35 metre wall dive on Sunday morning.  As we idled through at low tide, we observed the high water mark on the walls on each side of us, at almost 5 metres above sea level, it was a clear indication of the big tidal range and that our Streamstown Drift Dive in the afternoon would be a good one!

The stunning High Island came into view through the gap just after I took this photo, but I had to stop being a tourist and instead give full attention to to helming the boat through.

Diver and Sponge

Diver and Sponge



10 happy thrill seekers!

10 happy drift divers!

The Streamstown Drift dive on Sunday afternoon was as popular as ever with all 10 thrill seekers opting for the second dive.


Our next big event is the Equipment Test Weekend on 8th & 9th June with O’Three, SUUNTO, Fourth Element, Analox and Freedive Ireland.

read all about it on the Events page on our website and book your place now. 09543922 [email protected]


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