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The coolest looking fish on the reef.

The coolest looking fish on the reef.

John Dory, Zeus faber are beautiful fish, one of the many unusual visitors to our house reef at Scubadive West over this balmy summer. We have had numerous sightings in July and August, most recently on this mornings shore dive. To encounter one is good for the soul… a Zues a day would keep the doctor away!

It is a rarely sighted coastal marine fish with a laterally compressed yellow body which has a large dark spot, and long spines on the dorsal fin. The dark spot is used to flash an ‘evil eye’ if danger approaches the John Dory. Its large eyes at the front of the head provide it with binocular vision and depth perception, which are important for predators. The John Dory’s eye spot on the side of its body also confuses prey, which are scooped up in its big mouth.

The water temperature is 16 to 18 degrees celcius. The visibility is good and marine life is prolific on our shore dive, on the 60 footer wreck and on our boat dive sites.

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Just for the record this is Dr Seuss….

Dr. Seuss liked his fish too

Dr. Seuss enjoyed unusual fish



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