Proteus wetsuit from Fourth Element

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The PROTEUS wetsuit just got a lot better…

Superior comfort, 3mm 5mm or 7mm




The Evolution of a Classic Dive Suit

Over the last five years Fourth Element have developed the Proteus suit to improve fit, thermal performance and ease of donning in response to feedback from divers.
The suit is the preferred suit of TV presenters including Discovery Channel’s Steve Backshall. It also appeared last week on the National Geographic Channel program “Hitler’s Secret Attack” featuring NOAA’s Deep Wreck Team.
The suit has received rave reviews from all diving magazines for its outstanding warmth, and through design innovations like the Hydro-lock neck seal system and the plasma seals, the Proteus suit continues to define the upper end of wetsuit performance.

Proteus 3mm
Ideal for use in warmer waters, this lightweight neoprene diving wetsuit offers surprising thermal protection and comfort and is rated as the warmest diving wetsuit in its class by Sport Diver Magazine.

Proteus 5mm
Ideal for use in temperate to warm waters, this versatile dive wetsuit incorporates superstretch neoprene on the arms and legs where mobility is required, and thermocore compression resistant neoprene on the body core panels. The 5mm Proteus offers outstanding thermal protection and comfort with excellent ease of movement.

Proteus 7mm
Ideal for use in temperate to cooler waters, this extreme performance wetsuit can extend your season to encompass winter diving.r your stock today on +353 (0)95 43922  or send an email to [email protected]


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