Spring is in the Air… And in the Water!

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At this time of year people ask “What is there to see underwater?”


Snoozing in the shallows

Snoozing in the shallows


Our answer is: plenty!

At night time, Dogfish feed on crabs, whelks and bottom-living fish, whereas in the daytime they can often be seen “snoozing” on the seabed. They can be seen weaving their way through the kelp, looking for a suitable place for their offspring.

The female comes inshore at this time of year to lay her distinctive egg capsules known as “Mermaid’s Purses”. These have long tendrils which attach onto some form of anchorage, such as seaweed.


Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid’s Purse

The egg case is about 7cm long, but the fish can grow to about 80cm.


These are not the only things to be seen at this time of year, you can also see Snakelocks Anemones.

Photo by Ivan Donoghue

Photo by Ivan Donoghue

These beautifully vibrant anemones prefer brightly lit shallow water, rather than the deeper, darker waters that many other species of anemones thrive in.

The tentacles contain large populations of symbiotic algae, which gain protection and carbon dioxide from the anemone, and in turn the anemone gains organic compounds synthesised by the algae.


Snakelocks Symbiosis

The water temperature in the West of Ireland varies from 7°C in Winter to 16°C in late Summer.

Photo from www.seatemperature.org

Photo from www.seatemperature.org

We recommend Drysuit diving when the water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius ( It is 7°C at the moment!).

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