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From ‘Out of Thin Air’ to ‘Into the Blue’ , an update.

3 weeks to go

Just three weeks until departure!

You might be familiar with ‘Out of Thin Air’ by Daragh Muldowney, a fantastic book of stunning photographs from the Arctic wilderness. Daragh captured these otherworldly images on expedition to Greenland in 2013.

Acropolis by Daragh Muldowney

Acropolis by Daragh Muldowney

His book has just won the landscape category of the FEP European photo book of the year award. Congratulations! a well deserved win for a fantastic production of stunning Nature Art Photography.

FEP Photo Book Awards 2015

FEP Photo Book Awards 2015

While on expedition in 2013, Daragh was captivated by the icebergs, sweeping down into clear cold water. Nine tenths of these bergs are underwater, what do they look like down there? He vowed to find out and to capture underwater images from this unseen wilderness. The seed was sown for ‘Into the Blue’. This would require scuba diving in very cold water, wearing a dry suit and being proficient enough to handle an underwater camera as well as he handles a land based camera!

Daragh had some experience with diving, as in 1992 he took his PADI Open Water course in Florida and it was this experience of floating on another planet that inspired him to take up photography. He took his PADI Advanced Course in Honduras some 3 years later, a couple of dives in Ko PhI Phi in 1999 and that was about the sum of his experience, a novice diver effectively with very little cold water diving experience. He came to us for a Refresher Dive and to complete his PADI Dry suit Diver Course.


Daragh rolling in

Daragh rolling in.


We have a comprehensive stock of rental equipment from the best manufacturers, including our fleet of O’Three dry suits in the full range of sizes. So, combined with our top of the range thermals, it meant warm, dry diving for Daragh and the rest of the students on our PADI Drysuit Diver Course!

Boat dives with Daragh

Spectacular Boat Diving

Our high speed catamaran dive RIB ‘The Marlin’ gives us acces to exciting dive sites all year round. We visited Bird Rock, The Julia T, Thany Beg, Doonee Beacon and many more great dive locations.



Dry suit cert Daragh

Daragh receiving his Drysuit Diver Certification


Some quotes from Daragh Muldowney’s blog after his recent trips to Scubadive West.

…”Next up was the diving gear and the diving itself. I had no gear and no drysuit diving experience………Enter Scubadive West (Cavalry Bugle Sound), an incredible dive centre located in the most pristine areas of Ireland in Connemara nestled just south of Killary Harbour. Run by brothers Breffni and Cillian Gray, between them they have a wealth of diving knowledge and experience and they came onboard as my go to dive centre with the guarantee that if I couldn’t get any dive gear they would supply me with all my diving gear needs. Ciaran Lennon does work for Scubadive West and Killary Adventure Centre and he agreed to be my back up diver in Greenland. An incredible guy with huge diving experience. Great to have him onboard.”…


….”So, from Good Friday until Easter Monday I managed 10 dives at Scubadive West. 7 boat dives and 3 shore dives. Wonderful locations, great tuition, amazing gear from O’Three and Scubapro and by Monday I was leading dives. A steep learning curve for sure. Thanks so much to Scubadive West. I even have my drysuit diver cert now! Roll on the delivery of the new dive gear, camera housing and lenses. I am itching to start playing with it all.”… Daragh.


Just 3 weeks until they set sail from Killary Fjord, bound for Greenland, good luck guys!


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