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So it continues

The incredible  weather continues, providing our divers with spectacular conditions over the weekend. Visibility of twenty metres was easily achieved on Thany Beag and the Gaddys. Check out Patrick Rooney’s… Read more »

A breath of fresh air

Weather conditions were yet again favourable throughout the weekend, affording visting divers  pristine winter diving conditions. Each passing week sees more divers dragging their fins out of hibernation and into the… Read more »

Wave Goodbye to January

 If January was a month of Mondays, then February is a month of Sundays. Springtime is truly on the horizon and Mother Nature is taking tentative steps towards reestablishing some order…. Read more »

First Dive of 2010: 23rd January

Golden sunshine, crystal blue waters and smiling faces. Not a description from a holiday brochure, but an accurate nod to Connemara today. Our first day of diving has been nothing… Read more »