Spring is in the Air… And in the Water!

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At this time of year people ask “What is there to see underwater?”


Snoozing in the shallows

Snoozing in the shallows


Our answer is: plenty!

At night time, Dogfish feed on crabs, whelks and bottom-living fish, whereas in the daytime they can often be seen “snoozing” on the seabed. They can be seen weaving their way through the kelp, looking for a suitable place for their offspring.

The female comes inshore at this time of year to lay her distinctive egg capsules known as “Mermaid’s Purses”. These have long tendrils which attach onto some form of anchorage, such as seaweed.


Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid’s Purse

The egg case is about 7cm long, but the fish can grow to about 80cm.


These are not the only things to be seen at this time of year, you can also see Snakelocks Anemones.

Photo by Ivan Donoghue

Photo by Ivan Donoghue

These beautifully vibrant anemones prefer brightly lit shallow water, rather than the deeper, darker waters that many other species of anemones thrive in.

The tentacles contain large populations of symbiotic algae, which gain protection and carbon dioxide from the anemone, and in turn the anemone gains organic compounds synthesised by the algae.


Snakelocks Symbiosis

The water temperature in the West of Ireland varies from 7°C in Winter to 16°C in late Summer.

Photo from www.seatemperature.org

Photo from www.seatemperature.org

We recommend Drysuit diving when the water temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius ( It is 7°C at the moment!).

We are the Irish agents for the top Drysuit brands including O’Three and BARE drysuits. We are Ireland’s Fourth Element Test Centre, which means that we have the full range of toasty thermals for you too!

Warm and dry!

Warm and dry!

At Scubadive West we run the PADI Drysuit Diver Course regularly, Sign up now!

095 43922



NEW! SeaLife Micro HD

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sealife-micro, no leak camera!


The first permanently sealed underwater camera

Capture the tranquil beauty of the undersea world with the first permanently sealed, flood-proof underwater camera. The Micro HD has no doors or openings that could possibly leak. With 16GB of onboard memory and a high capacity internal battery, there’s no need for memory cards, batteries, O-rings, or maintenance.

Packed with features

Small and ergonomic, the Micro HD camera is easy to handle underwater, operating with three wide “Piano Key” controls. With colourful 13MP still images, full 1080p HD video and a built-in 140-degree Fisheye Lens, the Micro HD provides everything needed to capture and share your underwater encounters down to 200 feet/60 meters.




Sea Dragon Lights

Easy to expand

An Easy Setup Guide provides a fast and intuitive way to select a colour correction mode for your diving environment. Get even more colour out of your shots by easily expanding the Micro HD camera with one or two Sea Dragon Lights and Flex-Connect Trays, Grips, Arms and accessories.


Large Piano Key Controls

Large Piano Key Controls

The camera’s ergonomic grip and three wide piano key controls make it easy to handle underwater, even while using dive gloves.


Built in fish-eye lens

Built in fish-eye lens

The wide, 140 degree fish-eye lens helps stabilise video and capture large scenes at close distances.


16GB version €399

32GB version includes Wi-Fi €449

Contact Scubadive West for further information and to order in time for Christmas!

Winter Sale

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We have a fantastic winter sale with up to 40% off selected items. see below.

Hunter Pro VSN TEK  €750

40%  off, now just €450



Hunter Pro VSN TEK

Hunter Pro VSN TEK

Details : Male,  Size medium, boot size UK 8. VSN 1100 material, 2 large cargo pockets and reflectors on wrists.

Includes hood, inflation hose, APEX inflation valve and APEX shoulder dump valve.

Sale price €450



Includes hood and inflation hose.

Includes hood and inflation hose.







Fourth Element Proteus wetsuit €380

30%  off, now just €266

Ideal for winter snorkelling and that warm water dive trip. When summer rolls around again you’ll be diving in style in this 7mm super comfy semi-dry!


Superior comfort, 3mm 5mm or 7mm

Superior comfort, 3mm 5mm or 7mm

Details : Ladies Size 12.    7mm thick. Sale price €266




SCUBAPRO Everdry 4 Drysuit €799

40%  off, now just €479


Everdry 4mm Neoprene DrysuitFemale suit, size XL  (12) . Soft sock neoprene boots, size 6-7.

Includes hood, inflation hose, SI-TECH inflation valve and SI-TECH shoulder dump valve.

Sale price €450




SCUBAPRO Nova Scotia 6.5mm semi-Dry  €465

30%  off, now just €325




Ladies, Size Large (10)

6.5mm Everflex neoprene thickness, fleece lined. Double skin glideskin dry seal neck, wrists and ankles.

Drysuit zip.

Sale price €325




SCUBAPRO PROFILE 7mm Steamer   €255

30%  off, now just €180


Profile 7mm Semi-Dry

Profile 7mm Semi-Dry

7mm Neoprene semi-dry suit with zippered wrists and ankles and inverting dryseals at wrists and ankles.

Stock available at sale price Mens Large and Mens Extra Large.

Sale price €180





SCUBAPRO PROFILE 7mm Steamer  €255

30%  off, now just €180


Profile 7mm Semi Dry

Profile 7mm Semi-Dry


7mm Neoprene semi-dry suit with zippered wrists and ankles and inverting dryseals at wrists and ankles.

Stock available at sale price Ladies Small and Ladies Medium

Sale price €180



SCUBAPRO PROFILE 5mm Overvest, Ladies  €125

30%  off, now just €88

Ladies Overvest 5mm Neoprene

Ladies Overvest 5mm Neoprene



5mm Neoprene semi-dry Overvest, ideal for combining with Profile steamer to give 12mm thickness on torso. Perfect for Irish diving conditions in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Stock available at sale price Ladies Small, Ladies Large and Ladies Extra Large.

Sale price €88





SCUBAPRO EVERFLEX 7mm Steamer  €333

30%  off, now just €233

Everflex Mens 7mm.

Everflex Mens 7mm.


7mm Stretch Neoprene semi-dry suit with dryseals at wrists and ankles.

Stock available at sale price Mens Large.

Sale price €233




 5mm Neoprene  €157

30%  off, now just €109

Everflex Overvest 5mm Stretch Neoprene

Everflex Overvest 5mm Stretch Neoprene



5mm Stretch Neoprene overvest, ideal for combining with Everflex steamer to give 12mm thickness on torso. Perfect for Irish diving conditions in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Stock available at sale price Mens Large.

Sale price €109




Emergency First Response

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Emergency First Responder Course

Emergency First Responder Course



PADI Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) teaches you how to deal with emergencies that are immediately life-threatening. You will focus on primary care through a combination of knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice to make sure you have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to use your skills.

The PADI Emergency First Response certification (or equivalent qualification) is required to start the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

Emergency First Response €145
Primary Care Skills

Here are the Primary Care (CPR) skills:
• Scene Assessment
• Barrier Use
• Primary Assessment
• Rescue Breathing
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
• Serious bleeding management
• Shock management
• Spinal injury management
You may also participate in an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training component, learn how to help a conscious choking adult and have an emergency oxygen use orientation.

Secondary Care Skills

Secondary Care (first aid) covers injuries or illnesses that are not immediately life threatening or when local EMS is unavailable or delayed. You focus on secondary assessment and first aid through knowledge development, skill development and realistic scenario practice.

The Secondary Care (first aid) skills are:
• Injury Assessment
• Illness Assessment
• Bandaging
• Splinting for Dislocations and Fractures

Our next EFR date is Saturday 8th November 2014.

Combine your EFR and PADI Rescue Diver Course for a special offer price! Combined price for both courses €474 -SAVE €100.

Please note that Scubadive West reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course based on weather and bookings.

How do I Book?

Simply give us a call with your deposit details (€45) and we will post out your Crewpack.

Emergency Care for Children


The Emergency First Response Care for Children course is an innovative CPR, first aid and AED training course that teaches people how to provide emergency care for injured or ill children (ages one to eight) and infants less than one year old. You’ll learn about medical emergencies that children face and how they differ from adult conditions. The curriculum also includes the importance of attending to basic emergency situations withchildren, the emotional aspects of caring for children, secondary care for children, and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children.

To sign up for any of these programmes just send us a €45 deposit to receive your course manual in advance.

PADI Emergency First Response Instructor Course:

Two Day Course, contact us for further information and dates.

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course provides you with the additional training necessary to teach the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid), and Care for Children courses. This course builds on your skills as primary and secondary care provider and focuses on developing your instructional abilities. Through independent study, classroom sessions and practical teaching assignments, you learn to conduct Emergency First Response courses.

The instructor course covers specific goals and performance requirements for each of the above-mentioned programs, along with instruction on how to structure learning, the requirements of performance-based training, and your own role in the learning environment. You also learn how to motivate students, how to evaluate student knowledge, how to present course content effectively, become proficient in developing students’ hands-on skills, and are taught how to present an effective scenario-based learning experience*.

The Emergency First Response Instructor program is open to all who have completed the Emergency First Response Primary, Secondary and Care for Children Care Participant Courses within the past 24 months, and to medical professionals such as physicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Registered Nurses.

Bookings and Deposits, Simply give us a call to book 095 43922

Book now… info@scubadivewest.com


Winter time is Night Diving Season!

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The sun angle is low from November to January and a good dive torch is an important piece of kit for day time diving anyway, …. so why not do an afternoon dive and a night dive! The best life is seen at night and the shorter days at this time of year allow us to set off for our Night Dives early in the evening. With sunset at 5pm in early November and getting earlier by about one minute every evening we are already enjoying very civilised Night Diving times!


Preparation is the Key

Preparation is the Key


Night diving makes us slow down and see amazing colours and details that get skimmed over during the day.



Hermit Crab by Darragh Norton

Hermit Crab by Darragh Norton

In winter we seem to crave brightness so the vibrant colours and variety of marine life  encountered on night dives make even our shore dive a very exciting adventure!

Dogfish often 'snooze' on the seabed during the daytime

Nocturnal creatures

With curious fish and crustaceans swimming up to peer into your camera lens … (instead of other divers!) night diving is a photographers dream.


Little Cuttle swimming

Little Cuttle swimming


Dive Light technology is improving all the time, gone are the days of the bulky battery draining objects with their weak output bulbs! Modern torches are less likely to flood and with LED bulbs and Lithium Ion batteries available, they are brighter, whiter and lighter! (in weight). A back up light can be bought for as little as €50… you’ll find it handy for day time dives to look into crevices and under ledges. A primary light doesn’t have to cost a fortune, (although some do!).. But the excellent Archon D22  has a dazzling output of 1000 Lumens and costs just €189!  Lots of information on torches here >>



Archon D20 Dive Light



If you’re heading out night diving from a boat, your skipper will check that you have a torch attached to you at all times. Many personal floatation devices have a small light on them, but your back up light attached to your wrist or clipped into your drysuit pocket is the ideal companion!
A beautiful evening

A beautiful evening


Call us now to book your next Night Dive 09543922

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course


Our next Night diver specialty course is on 7th & 8th November, read more >> 





Scubadive West Photo Rally 2014

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Jewel Anemones on the Julia T

Jewel Anemones on the Julia T, photo by Maja Stankovski


 Check out the images from last year’s Photo Rally! here



How to Enter

The competition is free to enter. All entries are via our dedicated Competitions website so go to our Register page for more details. It is going to be a great fun diving weekend!

Only photos taken during the Photo Rally at Scubadive West may be submitted. The Photo Rally opens at 9am on Friday 17th October, photos may be submitted from 10am on Friday until the deadline for submission of pictures at 1pm on Sunday 19th October 2014.

We have a very special package available for registered participants; Three days of Unlimited Shore Diving, Air Fills and one Boat Dive during the Photo Rally from 17th to 19th October 2014, for just €35. Additional boat dives at just €35.

Please note that this is an amateur photo competition. Anyone who currently sells or has in the past sold their photos is not eligible to enter.
Enforcement of this condition is strictly at the discretion of the competition organisers

This Year’s Prizes

  Ireland Underwater, Wide Angle Category Prizes 

 1st prize: Island Dive Safari 2015
2nd prize: Fourth Element Core Body Warmer
3rd Prize: Scubapro Hoodie Sweatshirt 50th Year Special Edition

Ireland Underwater, Macro Category Prizes

 1st prize: Archon D20 Professional Dive Light
2nd prize: Dinner for Two at Maol Reidh Hotel
3rd Prize: Fourth Element super Hoodie, T-Shirt & Hat, by Scubadive West

        Ireland Underwater, Best Novel Photograph Category Prizes

 1st prize: Dinner for Two at Renvyle House Hotel
2nd prize: Free Diving course with Feargus Callagy
3rd Prize: Suunto Rucksack full of goodies

There will be spot prizes and great offers available all weekend too!

Scubadive West thanks all of our generous sponsors for their contribution to this competition.

Scubadive West’s 2014 Photography Competition will culminate in a prize-giving ceremony at 4pm in Scubadive West, followed by an informal gathering in the Quaker village of Letterfrack, where the Annual Sea Week Festival will be in full swing. For the full schedule and downloadable brochure..  Read more>>

The accommodation providers will have special offers available, book now as it is will be the weekend just before the October Bank Holiday Weekend and Sea Week Festival! Letterfrack Lodge provides Luxury accommodation at budget prices, call 095 41222   letterfracklodge.com

The Maol Reidh Hotel is offering a special rate of €25 for a delicious 3 course dinner over the weekend. Call the hotel  095 43844 for room rates and special packages. maolreidhhotel.com

Local accommodation listings available on our website too.

Check out the images from last year’s Photo Rally! here

Discover Scuba Diving 2014

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Did you get Into the Blue this Weekend?



We had a great time introducing participants to the thrill of Scuba Diving during the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Event,  August 2014.






Pristine environment


In addition to the experience of trying Scuba for the first time in the clear Atlantic waters of our private sheltered cove, the beginners were able to take away a range of extra benefits.

  • A limited edition certificate
  • A 33-page color guide to take home, packed full of tips and reminders
  • Access to a 90-day free trial of both ScubaEarth Premium and the Digital PADI Diving Society
  • A free PADI Discover Scuba Diving eCard to recognize their diving experience
  • The first section of the PADI Open Water Diver Online course via PADI eLearning for free
  • A £20 voucher to redeem against the PADI Open Water Diver course
  • A range of PADI-branded gifts to keep!



2 FOR 1

… and lots of fun!

Call us now at 095 43922 to book your PADI Discover Scubadiving Experience.

Discover Scubadiving

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Discover Scubadiving on the Wild Atlantic Way. There is an explosion of marine life… and the water is warm!


Visit our dedicated Discover Scubadiving webpage for further information and to book in with us.


Call 00353(0)95 43922

email   info@scubadivewest.com

website www.scubadivewest.com


Blueway Taster Day

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Explore A Blueway Today Glassilaun Killary


Sunday 27th July

Glassillaun Beach, Renvyle



2-4pm: Snorkeling

(Scubadive West)

2pm: Coastal Walk


2-4pm: Kayaking

(Killary Adventure Company)

Kayaking and Snorkeling

€12 children €18 adults

Booking essential:

Scubadive West: 095 43922

Killary Adventure Company: 095 43411

For info on walk: Rosaleen 087 737 5599




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At your students fingertips

At your students fingertips

With the PADI Open Water Diver Touch™, your student divers now have another cutting-edge knowledge development option in addition to the traditional manual with video or PADI Open Water Diver Online. So, how does the PADI Open Water Diver Touch differ and how can you integrate it into your PADI Open Water Diver courses?

The PADI Open Water Diver Touch is a highly interactive digital publication that includes the PADI Open Water Diver Manual text and exercises, website links and Open Water Diver Video content. Student divers take Knowledge Reviews online from within the app, which generates an eRecord, which is similar to one that PADI eLearning students receive. At this point, student divers come to you and complete the four Open Water Diver course quizzes and the final exam.

While the general process is the same as with other knowledge development options, here are some recommendations to consider when integrating the PADI Open Water Diver Touch into your courses


PADI Touch

Setting Up Your Students

  • If possible, have students redeem their Touch access code and download the PADI Library App at the time of purchase so you can guide them through the process. Have them sign into the PADI Library App so that they can see that the PADI Open Water Diver Touch and the mRDPML are available for download.
  • Get your own copy of the Touch and familiarize yourself with how it works. Navigation will be intuitive for many of your tablet-using customers but, those unfamiliar with interactive publications may need guidance.
  • Conduct a short orientation session using a demonstration tablet and show student divers how to use the Touch for independent study. Focus on “Getting the Most Out of The PADI Open Water Diver Course” in the Introduction, accessing Learning Objectives at the beginning topics and using the frequent exercises to verify understanding as they go.

Knowledge Reviews

  • Using one of the Knowledge Reviews as an example, tap the “Take the Knowledge Review” link and show students how to log into the Knowledge Review site using the same email address and password they used to register their Touch. Once on the site, show them how to select the correct Knowledge Review and how they are required to login in once more – this time with their password first and then email address. Go through one or two questions and show them how the system provides remediation when they answer a question incorrectly. Emphasize that it’s important that they read this information before answering the question again. The remediation also includes the name of the subsection in Touch where students can return to later to read the topic again.
  • Students have the opportunity to review the questions at the end of the Knowledge Review, just like any other knowledge development format. They can review any topics before moving on to the next section and, if they’re still not clear, bring them to your attention prior to taking the quiz for that section or the final exam.
  • The page students return to in the Touch after completing each Knowledge Review has important information. This page informs students that they’ll receive an email after completing each Knowledge Review and tells them how to access their Knowledge Review eRecord.

Stay tuned for the next installment that will cover eRecords, referrals and the mRDPML. For more information about using PADI Open Water Diver Touch, please contact Scubadive West